Taking Listing Photos? Make Sure These Things Aren’t in the Shot

Taking Listing Photos? Make Sure These Things Aren’t in the Shot

Your listing photos are an important marketing tool. They’re often the first impression potential buyers have of your property, and they can be the deciding factor in whether those buyers decide to tour your home.

Which is why it’s so important to make sure there’s nothing in those photos that could be a turnoff to buyers.

So what, exactly, are those turnoffs?

A recent article from realtor.com outlined things that should never be visible in your listing photos, including:



Mess and clutter

When buyers see mess and clutter, they often jump to the conclusion that the home doesn’t have enough storage, which can be enough to make many of them walk away. Before you take your listing photos, make sure to clear the space of any visual clutter and/or mess. (And while you’re at it, do a deep clean!)



Too much pet memorabilia

You love your pet, but not everyone is an animal lover. If a potential buyer spots too much pet memorabilia in your listing photos, they might make the assumption that the home has pet-related damage, like odors or stains on the carpet. Make sure that any pet items (like a dog bed or litter box) are out of sight when you take your listing photos.



Obvious signs of damage

No home is perfect. But if someone looks at your listing photos and sees damage, it may make them think twice about coming to see your home in person. If your home has any visible signs of damage — like water stains or a cracked wall — keep it out of your listing photos. The best way to keep it out of listing photos isn’t to avoid including them in your photos, but rather to fix the things you wouldn’t want to scare away a buyer when they’re looking through the pictures, since they’ll eventually see them in person anyway.



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