11 Things That Might Make You Feel Like Your Real Estate Agent Is a Secret Superhero in Disguise

11 Things That Might Make You Feel Like Your Real Estate Agent Is a Secret Superhero in Disguise

The signs aren’t as obvious as leaping any of the houses they sell in a single bound, wearing skin-tight clothing with their initials emblazoned on it (usually), or putting on a cape to fly from one appointment to another.

But there are certainly some things your agent might do that could make you wonder if your real estate agent has some superpowers they use to protect you when you’re buying or selling a house.

Let’s take a look at 11 things that could be a sign that your real estate agent is actually a secret superhero in disguise:


1) When They Have an Interesting “Origin Story”


It probably won’t be as far-fetched as a spider bite causing them to become an agent, but if you ask the right questions, you’ll probably discover that your agent has a unique and intriguing story about what led to them becoming an agent!


2) When They Seem to Be Able to Teleport


If you somehow catch a glimpse of your agent’s calendar and see their back-to-back appointments all every day of the week, you’re bound to wonder if they have the ability to teleport from one appointment to the next when they seem to magically appear at every property showing, open house, and meeting on time.


3) When They Pack a Strong Punch With Their Marketing


When you see the one-two punch your agent delivers with their listing description and the photos of your house, along with all of their other marketing materials, you know your home sale is going to start with a bang that’s bound to knock out the competition.


4) When It Seems Like They Have X-Ray Vision


You might think x-ray vision would be used by an agent to spot hidden flaws and potential issues in properties, but the truth is agents let licensed inspectors handle that end of things. But you’ll be even more in awe of their ability to see through people, when they use their ability to look deep into other people and discover what a buyer, seller, or their agent isn’t revealing that you should know about.


5) When It Seems Like They Have Telepathic Abilities


It can be difficult to know what you want or need as a real estate buyer or seller, and even when you do, it’s not always easy to put it into words. So you might wonder if your agent has telepathic abilities when they seem to read your mind and help you hone in on your dream home as a buyer, or address any concerns about the selling process before you even raise them as a seller.


6) When They Sense Danger


If your agent just has a gut feeling and advises you that something doesn’t feel right and advises you to avoid buying a certain house, or accepting a certain offer when selling, you might ignore them. Well, at least the first time it happens. But when their prediction proves to be true and you see they saw it coming before you did, you’ll end up wondering if they have some sort of spidey sense and heed their hunches in the future.


7) When You Feel Like There’s a Forcefield Protecting You


You won’t be able to see it, but when you feel like nothing can get by your agent and you’re fully protected with them around, you might start wondering if they have some secret forcefield they’re able to cast from the palm of their hands.


8) When They Aren’t Affected by Anything That Gets Thrown at Them


Your agent probably can’t deflect actual bullets or laser beams with their bracelets, but their ability to deflect anything that threatens you or your transaction might make you wonder if they could!


9) When They Get Angry on Your Behalf


Your agent will probably come across as polite and diplomatic most of the time, since it’s necessary to keep your composure when representing your clients’ best interests during negotiations and throughout the closing process. But you might see an entirely different side of them come out if someone crosses the line and tries to take advantage of you or hurt you!


10) When They Have Amazing People They Team Up With


Just when you thought your agent could do it all alone, you might realize how many other experts and their particular skills it takes to help you buy or sell a home, and that your agent has a power-packed list of allies they can refer you to.


11) When They Light a Fire Under Someone


Sometimes, especially when you’re working with “experts” your agent doesn’t recommend, people drop the ball or miss deadlines during the process of buying or selling a home. But you’ll wonder if your agent has some sort of pyrokinetic abilities when they light a fire under a mortgage lender or title rep who isn’t getting their work done in a timely manner, and somehow get them to start doing their job!


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11 Things That Might Make You Feel Like Your Real Estate Agent Is a Secret Superhero in Disguise

Let’s take a look at 11 things that could be a sign that your real estate agent is actually a secret superhero in disguise

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