Selling Your Home? Don’t Forget to Check These Tasks off Your To-Do List

Selling Your Home? Don’t Forget to Check These Tasks off Your To-Do List

Getting ready to sell your home can feel like a whirlwind. There’s so many things to do, and while you’re likely to check all the major tasks off your to-do list — like cleaning and getting your listing photos taken — there are some smaller tasks that might fall through the cracks.

But those small to-do’s can actually make a big difference in your home sale, so it’s important not to forget them.

So what, exactly, are those to-do’s? A recent article from outlined some of the key tasks you don’t want to forget when selling your home, including:



Account for improvements and issues

If you’ve made any improvements to your home (like installing a new drain system) or had to fix any issues (like dealing with a flooded basement), make sure to list them all out. When you sell your home, it’s important to disclose those things to the buyer. Not only will the improvements make them feel better about their home purchase, but disclosing the issues and how you fixed them can help you avoid potential lawsuits after the sale.



Make sure the doorbell rings

If you don’t use your doorbell regularly, do a quick check and make sure it’s functional and that it actually rings when someone uses it. Most buyers (or at least their agents) will press the doorbell before just walking into the house, and if it’s not working, it could make them think that other things in the house won’t work either. (Not the best first impression).



Clarify what items are not included

Technically, anything that is bolted to the walls or ceiling is included in the home purchase, unless the contract states otherwise. As such, you want to be crystal clear from the get-go about what’s not included in your listing. A potential buyer might fall in love with your custom chandelier and might walk away from the deal when they find out you’re taking your light fixture with you to your new home.


If you are preparing your house for sale, click here to learn how to do it without spending too much.


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