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Common Myths About Buying New Construction Homes

Common Myths About Buying New Construction Homes
People have a lot of preconceived ideas about what it means to buy a new construction home, and whether buying a new construction home is a good investment. They also think that they may get a better price without a realtor representing them (Not true! Ask me why I guarantee I’ll save you more money than if you do it alone.)
But the problem is, many of those preconceived ideas simply aren’t true, and those myths are holding back buyers from exploring buying new construction, even if it might be the best move for their home purchase.
Here are the common myths or half-truths about buying new construction homes.
  • New construction homes are more expensive. Will new construction homes have a higher price tag than previously owned homes? Most likely. But because everything in a new construction home is new (like the roof, appliances, HVAC equipment, and other major systems), buyers won’t have to worry about upgrading or replacing anything upon purchase—a common expense with previously owned homes that could cost tens of thousands of dollars.
  • New construction homes are harder to finance. While some people think financing a new home is more difficult, the truth is, it can often be easier. Many builders have pre-existing relationships with lenders, which can make it easier to secure financing—and those lenders often offer incentives to do business with them, which can help you get a better deal on your mortgage.
  • You’ll have to wait to move into a new construction home. New homes take time to build. According to realtor.com, it takes an average of 6.5 months. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be waiting half a year to move into your new home! Depending on when you purchase your home, the property may be months into construction—or, in some cases, completely finished and ready for new owners to move in. If you want to buy a new construction home—but don’t want to wait to move in—make sure to ask how far along the homes are in the building process and how soon you can move in.


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